SDW HEROES #01 Wukong Impulse Gundam



Goku Impulse Gundam is now available from "SD Gundam World Heroes", which is scheduled to start anime worldwide from April 2021!
■ Silhouette changes in 3 stages by rearrangement! A special kit with movable legs that determines bold action!
■ A large number of clear effect parts are included, allowing for recombination.
■ Goku silhouette, Gomon monkey form, and Guren claw are reproduced by rearranging clear parts and equipment.
■ Ankle joint parts that enhance the kicking action of Goku Impulse are included!
■ "Masked" parts are included with clear molding.

■ Ruyi stick x 1
■ Clear effect parts (mask / Guren claw, etc.) x 1 set
■ Foil sticker x 1