RG Evangelion Unit-03 The Enchanted Shield of Virtue Set



From "Evangelion New Theatrical Version", the regular practical type 3 is now available as a set with the ESV shield!
■ Pursuing the reproduction of natural action poses as a human being based on the setting in the play "Android".
■ Achieves human-like mobility such as "spine movement" and "arm twist".
■ The first three-dimensional "Evangelion dedicated optical system protection cover" when transporting Unit 3.
■ "ENCHANTED SHIELD OF VIRTUE" for Unit 0 is included.
■ Unit 0 hand parts for ESV shield are included.

■ Evangelion dedicated optical system protective cover x 1
■ Evangelion dedicated defense weapon ENCHANTED SHIELD OF VIRTUE x 1
■ Shield auxiliary pedestal x 1
■ Shield No. 0 hand parts x 1
■ Progressive knife x 2 types (Normal / retracted)
■ Hand parts x 1
■ Pallet rifle x 1
■ Umbilical cable x 1
■ Realistic decal x 1