RG Evangelion Unit-01



The first Evangelion machine is in the RG series!
Pursuing the reproduction of Evangelion's action pose as an android as an RG.
■ Thorough pursuit of precise coloring expression by molding color. It can be expressed simply by assembling colorful color coding.
■ When leaning forward or looking up, the chest, abdomen, and back parts work together just like multiple armor. In particular, the range of motion is greatly secured by the large movement of the chest parts.
■ Reduces the interference of armor parts that occurs when the knee is bent significantly. By sinking the knee back parts like actual muscles, we succeeded in expressing joints like humans.
■ Internal parts are interlocked when the neck is movable. Natural poses and facial expressions can be reproduced.
■ The internal frame works together to realize joint expression that puts the shoulders and twists the arms. Impressive crouching poses can be reproduced without breaking down in a form close to nature.
■ When the legs are open, the internal parts that image the muscles work together to create a natural standing figure.
■ Entry plug is included as a separate part.
■ A wealth of optional parts such as 2 types of progressive knives, 1 type of pallet rifle, 6 types of left and right hand parts, and umbilical cable are included.

■ Progressive knife x 2 types (normal time / stored)
■ Pallet rifle x 1
■ Hand parts (left and right) x 6 types each
■ Umbilical cable x 1
■ Realistic decal x 1