RG #36 RX-93 Hi-Nu Gundam



Hi-ν Gundam that appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack Beltorchika Children" has appeared in RG in pursuit of new interpretation of detail expression and reality!
■ Equipped with a "multi-link gimmick" that slides the armor in conjunction with the movement of each joint. The armor of each part can be slid to expose the mechanical internal frame.
■ Bold poses are possible by swinging the base above the waist up and down. The lumbar armor is equipped with a connection joint and is designed so as not to hinder the movement of the legs.
■ It is possible to move the legs over a wide range and firmly ground the knees.
■ The arm beam gun is equipped with a gimmick that extends in conjunction with pushing down the wrist.
■ Movable neck parts are movable according to interference.
■ The container is equipped with a gimmick that widens the fin funnel and makes it look like a wing.
■ The "advanced MS joint" allows you to maintain the shape of the fin funnel when shooting.
■ Various weapons and hand parts are included.

■ Beam rifle x 1
■ New hyper bazooka x 1
■ Shield x 1
■ Beam saber (handle x 3, beam blade x 2)
■ Hand parts (left and right) x 3 types each
■ Weapon handle (Right) x 1 type
■ Realistic decal x 1