RG #16 MSM-07S Zgok



■ The 16th RG series is the amphibious MS "Char's Z'Gok".
■ Pursuing a streamlined body to reduce water resistance as much as possible and move at high speed.
■ The new advanced MS joint realizes an internal frame unique to amphibious MS that has the flexibility to handle high-speed diving underwater and fierce battles in land battles.
■ The sonar, which is indispensable for underwater search, detection, and distance measurement, is also used for detail.
■ Reproduce the "drainage hole" considering diving and ascent with a mold.
■ Adopts a spherical cockpit that assumes water resistance and pressure resistance.
■ The most characteristic weapon, the claws on the arm, is the image of a blade.
■ Reproduce the propeller structure of the legs and backpack that allows movement in all directions underwater.
Molded product x 8, realistic decal x 1, assembly manual x 1