RG #02 MS-06S Zaku II



■ The second of the new brand commemorating the 30th anniversary of Gunpla. Char's Zaku equipped with a real system is now available. ■ Design designed assuming 1/1. ■ Equipped with "Advanced MS Joint" that changes the assembly process of the conventional internal structure. ■ Comes with a "realistic decal" that reproduces the "brilliance of metal" that cannot be easily reproduced by painting on the seal. ■ Unparalleled color-coded reproduction on 1/144 scale ■ Advanced MS joint is designed to reproduce the amazing movement of Char's Zaku. Secures the largest movable area in the history of Gunpla. ■ We adopt method to remove pipe through shaft for pipe parts. Molded product x 9, spring x 2, realistic decal x 1, assembly instructions