PG Rx-0 Unicorn Gundam LED Unit


■ A set of LED units that emit UV light from the "PG 1/60 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam" (sold separately) molded from a special resin. It can emit light in 32 places throughout the body.
■ Psycho frame light emission is reproduced by the resin that reacts to the LED light.
■ The LED stored inside the machine is designed to match the clearance inside the body.
■ Two types of LEDs are used at the tip of the head: an LED that emits the camera eye and an LED that emits the psycho frame.
■ The LED on the legs has a structure that efficiently illuminates only the clear parts by limiting the direction of light emission.
■ A set of LED units and control units for the head, backpack, chest, waist, legs, and arms.
■ Comes with a parts separator that is convenient when incorporating the LED unit.
Assembly manual x 1 * Uses 4 AA batteries (sold separately).