PG Rx-0 Unicorn Gundam


■ Completely reproduce the "transformation" from unicorn mode to destroy mode, including the development of face guard.
■ A special light-collecting resin is used for the red psycho frame of the whole body.
■ The blade antenna that opens and closes during "transformation" reproduces a single angle in unicorn mode by inserting a magnet. The inner surface exposed in Destroy mode is already colored with gold.
■ Pursue the range of movement of elbows and knees to the utmost without spoiling the impression of appearance.
■ A wealth of weapons such as Beam Magnum, Hyper Bazooka and Beam Gatling Gun are included.
■ Beam Gatling gun can be attached to the arm in combination with the shield.
■ Dedicated display base included. A wealth of weapons can be displayed with the MS. By fixing the MS to the columns, a dynamic exhibition unique to 1/60 scale is possible.
■ Banagher Links figures (standing / sitting) are included.
■ Plastic model original marking sticker is attached.
■ Psycho frame emits UV light by incorporating a dedicated LED unit (sold separately).