N-97 Instant Glue

Modo Color



MODO Super product "Instant Glue N97".

Volume: 3.5 ml (0.12 oz.)

[Product Description]

We have newly developed in collaboration with craft experts, Super Stick. Superfast! Ultra-precise, low-whitening "universal precision adhesives.”

Do you feel that the glue is not sticky enough, or the more you use it, the less tacky it is? That's because the bond wasn't violent enough, or the bottle insulation wasn't good enough, causing the glue to deteriorate.

N97 patented "aluminum skin X elastic tube composite material stand-up bottle" effectively isolates the light air, the suction, rebound for easy operation, and the precision welding industry depends on this.

Plastic, glass, GK, wood, leather, ceramics, acrylic, rubber, fiberboard, photo-etched, etc. (PP/PE not available), versatile.


15 years and up.