Multifunctional Color Palette

Hobby Mio


Hobby Mio Multifunctional Color Palette Set
Length Size: 150mm X 250mm X 30mm
Multifunctional Color Palette X 1
High Efficient Water Sponge X 1
Color Mixing Type Palette Paper (20pcs) X 1
Long Lasting Type Palette Paper (20pcs) X 1

[Product Description]
Thickened ABS plastic color palette. The water injection area is equipped with a water guide groove to make the water flow more evenly.
Classified operation area for color mixing, water storage, and water sticker backing paper collection.
High compression foam sponge.
It can absorb about seven times its weight of water, an excellent moisturizing effect.

The set comes standard with two sizes of wet tray palette paper.
Color Mixing Type Palette Paper (with logo)
Hydrophilic oil film. The pigments can be evenly applied on the paper surface, even if the thin ratio is high, without gathering water droplets and bleeding color.
Long-Lasting Type Palette Paper (pure white transparent)
Hydrophobic oil film has a super long moisturizing time, ensuring the pigment does not dry out in long operation on the paper surface.
Suitable for ordinary thin-degree paints.