MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.Ka



■ Following the ν Gundam Ver.Ka released at the end of last year, a rival machine, Sazabi Ver.Ka, has appeared.
■ A new material is used for the silver frame. A metallic texture can be obtained even without painting.
■ The funnel container on the back can open and close the hatch. The 6 funnels are removable. The cover of the apogee motor can be deployed in all directions.
■ Comes with original markings designed by Hajime Katoki.
■ Beam shot rifle, shield, beam tomahawk, beam saber, and long rifle drawn on the initial image board that will be the first three-dimensional as a plastic model are included.
■ By using the separately sold LED unit for Gunpla (green), the mono eye on the head emits light.
■ "Emotion Manipulator SP" by insert molding is attached. All knuckles are movable. A realistic expression is realized by moving the crank at the base of the thumb.
Molded product x 31, seal x 2, assembly manual x 1