MG Justice Gundam



■ "Justice Gundam" that appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" is finally MG!
■ In addition to reproducing the settings by using some common frames with the SEED series MG series on sale, details with a large amount of information are given, and the image in the play can be realized!
■ Full gimmick Fatum-00 can be expanded to flight form, and the pose on board can be reproduced!
■ In addition to numerous weapons such as the Bassell Beam Boomerang that can be held using grip parts, a pilot figure is also included!

■ RQM51 Bassell Beam Boomerang x 2
■ MA-M01 Raquelta Beam Saber x 2
■ MA-M20 Lupus Beam Rifle x 1
■ Laminate Anti-Beam Shield x 1
[Product Details]
■ Molded Product x 16
■ Seal x 1
■ Marking Seal x 1
■ Dry decal x 1
■ Instruction manual