MG Gundam Barbatos



The 4th form of Gundam Barbatos, the main character of "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans", is now available as MG! Thorough reproduction of the internal mechanism Gundam frame and Ahab reactor! Color reproduction by molding color applied for each part, expansion gimmick for more dynamic movement, abundant optional parts. The amount of information is suitable for a master grade.
■ 4th form The set color of the exterior is faithfully reproduced with the molding color. The density and amount of information unique to MG is overwhelming.
■ The Gundam frame, which is the internal structure, deeply examines the settings in the play and reproduces the details. Silver plating is used for the cylinder.
■ The Ahab reactor on the chest is equipped with a rotating gimmick for the first time as an MG.
■ The movable shaft built into the upper body allows the internal frame, cylinder, and armor to work together. This makes it possible to produce a dynamic pose.
■ The cylinder on the shoulder reproduces the mechanical structure that follows the movement of pulling out. You can express the aggressive pose of Barbatos.
■ The knee can move in conjunction with the frame and cylinder. By pulling out the parts on the back of the knee, the range of motion is expanded and a natural standing knee is possible.
■ Reproduce the swing to the left and right and the axis movement of the hip joint in the standby posture. You can enjoy the characteristic waiting pose overlooking.
■ Three types of hand parts are included and can be replaced. Weapons are designed to be attached to the palm of the hand together with the fingers of the weapon holder.
■ Mace can slide the grip and tip.
■ The barrel of the smoothbore is equipped with a slide / folding gimmick. Pursuing playability with a lock mechanism.

■ Mace x 1
■ Tachi x 1
■ 300mm smoothbore gun x 1
■ Foil sticker x 1
■ Marking sticker x 1