MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame D



■ Gundam Astray Blue Frame D is now available in Master Grade from Gaiden "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY ASTRAY B"!
■ Achieves both wide-area movement and proportions with the internal skeleton that is conscious of the human body structure, which is a feature of the Astray series.
-Reproduce the combined gimmick of "Dragoon" which is the weapon that symbolizes Blue Frame D and the large sword "Ciper Sword".
■ Vieville striker is combined on the back, and it is possible to display in flight form by using the attached display base.
■ Precautions for each part and markings of the aircraft are expressed with plastic model original marking stickers and Gundam decals.
■ 1/100 scale figures of Murakumo and Elsa Weiss are included.
Molded product x 25, foil seal x 1, dry decal x 1, tetron seal x 1, assembly manual x 1