MG Eclipse Gundam



"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" series MSV new project started!
From July 2021, "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ECLIPSE" will be released as a comic in Japan and overseas!
In Japan, serialization will start from the September issue of "Gundam Ace" scheduled to be released on July 26!
The leading MS "Eclipse Gundam" is the fastest three-dimensional in the MG series!

■ Proportions that follow the design of the latest MG SEED series. The transformation mechanism from the characteristic flight form to the MS form and the replacement in the play corresponding to the equipment such as various strikers, silhouettes, wizards of existing products (sold separately) are also reproduced with the attached joint parts.
■ Reproduce the saber mode by attaching a beam effect to the grip parts of the separated rifle.
■ Clear parts are attached to the left and right arm shields to reproduce the beam shield.
■ Comes with an original marking sticker that pursues a high degree of perfection.

■ Beam rifle x 2
■ Beam shield x 2
■ Beam saber effect parts x 2
■ Beam shield effect parts x 2
■ Hand parts (left and right) x 5 types
■ Striker pack equipment joint set x 1
■ Silhouette equipment Joint set x 1
■ Joint set for wizard equipment x 1
■ Wheel seal x 1
■ Marking sticker x 1
■ Display pedestal x 1