MG 00 QAN[T] Full Saber



A variation of the Double Oak Anta that appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V Senki" is now available in MG!
■ The body shape is faithfully reproduced, and the armed "GN Sword IV Full Saver" equipped with various mechanisms is reproduced with new parts!
■ The back part, which is equipped with a GN capacitor and has a connection part with GN Sword IV, and the head antenna, which is based on the visual image drawn by Mr. Kanetake Ebikawa, are newly modeled!
■ A marking sticker including markings for GN Sword IV Full Saver and a pedestal for GN Sword IV are included!

■ GN Sword IV x 1
■ GN Gun Blade x 3
■ GN Sword V x 1
■ GN Sword Bit
■ GN Shield x 1
■ Armed Display Base x 1

[Product Details]
■ Molded Product x 23
■ Marking Sticker × 1
■ Foil seal × 1
■ Dry decal × 1
■ Instruction manual × 1