Kaizo Waterfall Spray Booth Ver. Mobile Fort


$255.00 $299.99

Motor:DC12V 5A
Input:AC110V 50/60HZ
Air flow: 11m3/min (Adjustable)
Motor Power: 45W
Working Voltage(Led light):12V
Luminous Flux(Led light): 2430LUX
Noise Level: 53DB
Output(Water Pump): 15L/min
Max Depth(Water Pump): 2M
H-Max(Water Pump): 1.5M
Max Water Temp: 35℃
Minimum Water Level: 6L
Maximum Water Level: 9.5L
Water Curtain Area: 47x28 CM / 18.5x11 INCH
Extend Dimension: 60x49x50 CM / 23.6x19.3x19.7 INCH
Inner Dimension: 58x24x36 CM / 22.8x9.4x14.2 INCH
Fold Dimension: 60x27x46 CM / 23.6x10.6x18.1 INCH
Net Weight: 8.7KG / 19LBS

【Healthier working environment】
The water curtain spray booth will suck away the dust splashed on the water curtain when painting, and after being filtered by the water curtain, it will be discharged to the outside. It can reduce dust, purify the working environment of painting and protect health. And it can enhance the finish of the painted work surface and avoid being polluted by dust. The water curtain can be controlled separately, and the water curtain is silent when the wind is close.

【More powerful suction】
The new water curtain spray booth has three ventilation systems with stronger suction and higher power, which is twice the wind power of the previous old model. The wind power can be controlled separately, and the size can be adjusted. The ventilation and water curtain can reduce dust a lot and work with low noise.

【Larger work space】
3 LED high-brightness lamps, which can be controlled individually to turn on the light without wasting electricity when leaving the work table. Large painting space, transparent cover board for better sight and more light, equipped with a 360-degree turntable, more convenient when painting, and the angle and position can be adjusted freely.

【Free installation is more convenient】
The water board, water sink, and water pump do not need to be installed and can be used directly by connecting the hose and power supply, which is convenient, simple, and time-saving. When not in use, the transparent cover board can be detached and folded for storage, saving space and convenient storage. The 6 feet can be adjusted in height and can be used normally on uneven desktops or working environments.

Please note that the water pump cannot be idled. Fill the water before starting. When adding water, ensure that the pump is not started. The water level can not exceed MAX according to the water level. Usually, the water level should be between the lowest and the highest. Avoid too little water to work the pump or too much water to overflow.