HM-03 Mini Desktop Air Compressor

Hobby Mio


Hobby Mio HM-03 Mini Desktop Air Compressor
Product Size: 8.5cm X 80cm X 6cm
Motor: 12V DC
Power input: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Power output: 12V-3A
Maximum power: 18W
Regulating mode: knob type
Regulating range: 5-25PSI
Automatic start/stop pressure range: 15PSI(0.1MPA)-25PSI(0.17MPA)
Main machine weight: 0.46kg
Working noise: 40 dBA
Air outlet specifications: 1/8" (3mm)
Contains Air Hose

[Product Description]
Small but not unprofessional, an entry-level coloring air pump.
Easy to carry.
Piston-type air pump. With a detachable brush holder.
Breathing indicator included.
Adjustable power knob, the amount of air out of class freely adjustable.
Meet different airbrush needs.