HGUC #241 MS-06 Zaku II



From "Mobile Suit Gundam", Zaku II is now available in the HG series!
■ Waist armor can be selected from two types of different materials. The soft material reproduces the movement of the legs, which is reminiscent of the movement of animation.
■ Movable gimmicks that match the shape of the aircraft are used in various parts of the main body.
■ Comes with typical weapons equipped by Zaku II.
■ The school bag is shaped according to the setting of Zaku II.

■ Soft material skirt parts x 1
■ PS molded skirt parts x 1
■ Zaku machine gun x 1
■ Zaku bazooka x 1
■ Heat hawk x 1
■ Foil seal x 1