HGUC #240 Nightingale


long-awaited HG version of Nightingale that appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack Beltorchika Children"!
■ Reproduce the details of the MA class giant on 1/144 scale. Left and right width about 400 mm, total height about 211 mm.
■ The antenna block can be expanded and moved to expose internal details.
■ The mono eye can be rotated and moved. The characteristic cockpit block shape is also reproduced.
■ The abdomen can move up and down. The mega particle cannon can be exposed by moving the abdominal parts.
■ Each part of the base of the funnel binder is movable, and the binder can be unfolded and folded. The funnel can be removed individually.
■ Reproduce the movement of the manipulator (hidden arm) on the back of the front skirt. A beam saber can be attached to the hidden arm.
■ The landing gear of the rear skirt can be replaced and the axis can be moved to reproduce storage and deployment. The propellant tank can be deployed with a movable ball.
■ Movable joints such as shoulders, elbows, forearms, groin, knees, and ankles. The base of the arm can be pulled out. The front left and right blocks of the legs are also individually movable. The elbows and knees are biaxially movable.
■ Optional parts with built-in various gimmicks are included. Bipods can be deployed. Beam tomahawks and missiles can be suspended behind the shield. The effect of Beam Tomahawk is reproduced with new modeling.

■ Large Mega Beam Rifle x 1
■ Beam Saber x 4
■ Beam Tomahawk x 1
■ Beam Tomahawk Effect Parts x 1 set
■ Shield x 1
■ Facial expression hand set Grip hand (left and right), rifle handle (right), open hand (left)
■ Foil sticker x 1
■ Marking sticker x 1