HG Detail Punch Square-2



One touch to punch through continuous shapes! Handy punch for making detailed parts!
This shape punch is very useful for making your detailed parts.
Continuous shapes can be punched with one touch, making it easy to produce parts in large quantities.
Using the punched material as a base, you can make various detailed parts.
The utility model is suitable for
Cutting capacity: 0.3 mm or less in thickness.
Target material: Sheet and plate made of plastic (PS only). General paper.

This product is suitable for punching and cutting general paper and thin plastic (PS only) sheets. Do not use this product on uncovered materials (ABS, PP, PVC, PE, other flexible plastics, films, etc.) or on materials that exceed the cutting capacity of this product.
*When working on thin paper such as Japanese paper, or depending on the type of PS material, it may not work smoothly even if the thickness is within the cutting capacity.
*The corners of each part of the perforated material will be slightly rounded due to the fine and complex shape.

This product contains a blade. Please be careful not to injure yourself.
Do not use this product on materials that are larger than the cutting capacity of this product.
The dimensions of each part of the blade are for reference only and may vary slightly.
The examples using the pictures are for reference only. Each example may require separate processing or homemade parts in addition to the material type.