HG 1/72 Big Tony



"Big Tony" from the adventure mecha action "Sakugan" is now available as an HG 1/72 model!
■ Reproduce the comical and stylish movement of Big Tony in a wide range of motion.
■ Reproduce the transformation gimmick to the vehicle mode similar to the one in the work by recombination type.
■ The arm can reproduce the injection state by attaching anchor parts.
■ Manipulator and excavation drill can be changed by rearranging.
■ Tracks pursue a realistic feeling with particular details.
■ The eye shutter and light lid are reproduced by replacing parts.

■ Drill parts x 1
■ Anchor parts x 1
■ Eye shutter x 1
■ Light parts x 1
■ Lead wire x 2
■ Marking sticker x 1
■ Jewel sticker x 1