HG 1/72 #04 Amaim Ghost



From "Amaim Warrior" comes a mysterious jet-black AMAIM ghost!

■ AMAIM with many mysteries that has been three-dimensionalized after verification of the movable structure by KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN.
■ It is a highly actionable kit due to the characteristic structure of the legs.
■ The jamming unit on the back can be moved and opened and closed.
■ Precisely expresses the different arm shapes on the left and right, and the camera eye on the head.
■ The color of the nails on the limbs and the movement are also reproduced by dividing the parts.
■ The right hand slides the back parts as a weapon holder to reproduce the knuckle mode. Some weapons of the separately sold "Amaim Warrior" product can also be equipped.

■ Hand parts x 1 set
■ Sticker x 1