HG 1/72 #03 MAILeS Jogan



AMAIM "Jogan" equipped with I-LeS (autonomous thinking AI) on which Resistance Tetsuzuka Gasin is boarding from "Amaim Warrior" is three-dimensionalized with HG.

■ In commercialization, AMAIM was three-dimensionalized after verification of the movable structure by KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN.
■ The rear armor reproduces the outrigger deployment state by replacing parts. The heel part is also expanded, and the shooting pose can be reproduced.
■ 120mm double sniper gun is attached. The stock of the stock reproduces the shooting pose.
■ Combat daggers can be stored behind the left shoulder shield.

■ 120mm double sniper gun x 1
■ Combat dagger x 1
■ Left shoulder shield x 1
■ Hand parts Flat hand (left and right), weapon holder (left and right), rifle handle (right)
■ Rear armor deployment parts × 1
■ Seal × 1