HG 1/72 #01 MAILeS Kenbu



In commercialization, the main character was made into a three-dimensional model after structural verification for actually designing a 10m class aircraft by KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN.

■ AMAIM assembled with an autonomous thinking AI guy that Amou, who was collecting junk parts, met
■ A cylinder gimmick is mounted on the chest. Action poses with the attached armed sword and gun can also be reproduced in a wide range of motion.
■ Unfinished equipment can be reproduced by selecting parts.

■ 60mm portable cannon x 1
■ Super heat swing type combat straight sword x 1
■ Shielded dagger x 1
■ Weapon rack x 1
■ Hand parts Flat hand (left and right), weapon holder (left and right), gun Handle (right)
■ A set of parts for reproducing the unfinished state
■ Foil seal x 1