Generation Onigiri File



Length 72mm 
Width 21mm 
Height 16mm

The 2nd generation Onigiri is a file that cuts rather than scrapes.
Handy type, small and lightweight, easy to handle. 
It's just the right size to fit in the palm of your hand, so it can be cut exactly as the modeler wants.

The cutting power is high and the surface is solid, so you can only remove the targeted area.
There is no need to go back and forth over and over again like with sandpaper, and the edges will not become rounded.

A single file that has been sharpened one by one by a Japanese file craftsman.
Achieves the best sharpness by lining up many sharp file eyes like a knife.
It's not a powder, but a shavings that looks like peeled skin.
It has a cutting feel as if it had been planeed.