Full Mechanics 1/100 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex



1/100, we added details to express the mechanical feeling of the actual machine.
Reproduce the movement of the aircraft and the gimmick of the weapon, such as the same action as the video. ■ Reproduce the true appearance of the Gundam frame, which is possible because it is the size of
REALISTIC FRAME 1/100. Reproduce the movement of the back tail blade by using the lead wire. A pedestal for the tail blade is also included. The super-large mace reproduces the contraction of the handle and the pile bunker gimmick at the tip. The sub arm is deployable. Can be equipped with 1/100 Glaze weapons, battle axes (sold separately), etc. The delicate parts division reproduces the Tekkadan mark. The shoulder parts can be slid and follow the wide range of movement of the arm.