Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Taro -Action-



From the comic "ULTRAMAN", "ULTRAMAN SUIT TARO" is now available with "-ACTION-" specifications!
It is also expected to play an active role in Anime Season 2, which is scheduled to be delivered from April 2022.
■ By providing multiple ball joints on the chest and waist, a large range of motion to lean forward is secured. You can enjoy a lively pose.
■ Effect parts with the image of flames are included. The characteristic appearance of flames jetting from the wrists and head can be reproduced with effect parts.
■ Abdominal parts can be selected from two types, a movable type and an LED mounting type sold separately.
■ Plastic model original weapon "Specium Lancer" is included.

■ Specium Lancer x 1
■ Flame effect parts x 2 types
■ Flame effect joint parts x 1 set
■ LED built-in parts x 1
■ Hand parts Grip hands (left and right), facial expression hands (left and right), weapon handles (Right)
■ Figure-rise Effect pedestal x 1
■ Seal x 1
■ Marking sticker x 1