Figure-rise Standard Asuna



The main heroine "Asuna" is now available from "Sword Art Online"!
■ Part of the hair is molded with a new material. The hair that can be moved by dividing the parts is designed so that it does not interfere with the pose.
■ The thigh part has a two-layer structure in which parts with strong redness are fitted inside the parts, pursuing a natural skin texture.
■ Natural movements can be reproduced by joint gimmicks like the actual human body, such as stretching, twisting, and bending.
■ In addition to the "normal face", three types of "screaming face" and "angry face" are included. You can enjoy facial expressions that match the poses.
■ Representing sword pulling and sword delivery by replacing some parts. A total of 5 types of hand parts are included, 3 types for the right hand and 2 types for the left hand.

■ Facial expression parts x 3
■ Hand parts Right hand x 3 types, Left hand x 2 types
■ Lambent light x 1
set ■ Figure-rise Effect pedestal x 1
■ Water transfer type decal x 1
■ Seal x 1