Figure-rise Amplified Beelzemon



From "Digimon Tamers", the Demon King Digimon "Beelzemon" has been added to the Figure-rise Standard Amplified series!
■ Berenhena reproduces the characteristic back mount state that seems to be entwined with a cord. It can also be attached to the legs by using joint parts.
■ Lead wires are used for hair and tail parts. It is possible to add a detailed expression.
■ Reproduce the state of flat hands and the state of holding weapons by replacing two types of finger parts.
■ In consideration of expandability as a plastic model, connection holes for expansion are placed in various places.
■ Overall height is about 170mm. By lining up with the separately sold "Figure-rise Standard Amplified Gallantmon", you can reproduce the image of the scene in the play.

■ Berenhena x 2
■ Facial expression hand reproduction parts (left and right) x 1 each
■ Lead wire (thin) x 1
■ Lead wire (thick) x 1
■ Sticker x 1