Exploring Lab Nature Mammoth



If you cool it in the refrigerator ... the mammoth will be restored! A new sensation plastic model created by a precision skeleton and warmth discoloration resin!

■ "Exploring Lab Nature" plastic model series is now available!
■ Uses a special molding material that takes on a tint when the temperature of the resin drops below about 10 ° C. Let's turn the mammoth's fur brown by the cold air of the refrigerator reminiscent of the ice age!
■ After assembling the skeletal state in the "excavation phase", you can enjoy the assembly process by attaching fur parts and shifting to the "restoration phase".
■ The instruction manual can be remade into a mini picture book after assembly!
■ Collaboration products with "Gakken no Zukan LIVE" are also under planning! Details will be released at a later date!

■ Instruction manual x 1