Epoxy Putty

Hobby Mio


Hobby Mio Epoxy Putty
Weight: 100g
Color: Grey (Color after mixing of AB parts)
Yellow (Color after mixing of AB parts) 

[Product Description]
Soft clay was used for both parts of clay A B.
It is easy to mix and operate, and the surface is fine without air bubbles after drying.
It can firmly adhere to the surface of common materials. (plastic, metal, resin, glass, masonry, etc.).
Low shrinkage rate after drying and curing, suitable for the fine transformation process.
After curing, it can be sanded, engraved, and carved. Spraying is not easy to lose color.
Highly sealed cans. Unused filler clay can be stored at a low temperature away from light to maintain its performance for a long time.
Clean and easy to store.