Best Hit Chronicle 1/1 Cup Noodle



A new sensation cup noodle plastic model that can not be made in 3 minutes is born!
■ Take a 3D scan from the actual noodles and make them into plastic parts with precise modeling.
■ "Noodle lump" parts can be assembled into a "dense noodle lump structure" just like "cup noodles".
■ Because the noodles are floating from the bottom of the cup, you can appreciate the "intermediate holding structure" that protects the noodles from vibration during transportation and makes them hard to break by removing the parts on the side of the container.
■ The ingredients are realistically reproduced by 3D scanning as well as the noodle mass. The "eggs," "shrimp," and "mysterious meat" that are also included in the actual products are precisely designed as individual parts.
■ For green onions, cut out vinyl material and add it as you like.
■ The "CUP NOODLE" logo, which is divided by color, has a multi-layered structure that tickles the desire to assemble alphabet parts! !!
■ The characteristic golden broken line pattern of the cup is reproduced by assembling the annular parts with high clearance accuracy.
■ By the mold processing technology, the character mold printed on the package is reproduced with the precise mold technology, including the caution notation, ingredient notation, allergy notation, and even the guidance of the customer service office! !!
■ A sticker for reproducing the lid that can be stuck and peeled off and a sticker to stop the lid are also included.

■ Runner x 14
■ Instruction manual
x 1
■ Lid seal x 1
■ Kinus seal x 1 ■ Vinyl material for green onion reproduction x 1