PM-007 Clear Gold

Modo Color



MODO Clear Gold

Volume: 20 ml (0.7 oz)

[Product Description]

Clear Gold is composed of precise proportions. Unique pearl composition is added to achieve a perfect balance between hue and saturation. Combined with the application of silver undercoat, it gives a gorgeous and gentle golden finish. It also takes care of the finish's luster so that the paint does not become too thick when sprayed. The pearlescent component coordinates with the underlying silver, resulting in a warm, glossy effect that is easy to handle. It is the best choice to express the candy coating.

Modo lacquer color features full pigments and vibrant colors that will bring new life to your artwork.

  1. 100% compatible and universal with other lacquer colors.
  2. Stronger paint film, better covering power.
  3. Smoother and faster drying time.


15 years and up.