Kaizo Waterfall Spray Booth



Double purification system, effectively reduces the smell of paint residueUsing the double purification system is adopted to reduce the residual smell of paint effectively.

Water Curtain + Negative Pressure System

Significantly reduce odor residue during the painting process.

All-in-one design

Easy installation process

Sinking air collection hood design.

It prevents the paint from fogging up and then bouncing back.

Car-grade air filter cotton. Reduce paint odor emissions outside, and protect your neighbors.

With a powerful twin fan.

Controllable Wind speed

Water curtain using tempered glass, smoother and easier to clean

1.2-liter eco-friendly sink for more convenient water changes.

Use of more durable metal filters.

The connection is designed with a hydraulic rod and makes daily cleaning easier.


Whole Power: 130W

Air Flow: 450m3/Hr

Water Flow: 1200L/Hr

LED Light: 7.5W LED Three kinds of color temperature adjustable

brightness customization

Input: 110V

Net Weight: 15kg